The Department of Medical Biology teaches both Ukrainian and foreign students. Teaching courses are conducted in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English. The Department of Medical Biology provides about 20 disciplines.

Educational work is carried out in accordance to current curriculum and programs of SHEI "Ternopil State Medical University by I.Horbachevsky of Ministry of Health of Ukraine", which from the 2012-2013 school year deals with issues aimed at implementing of the cross-cutting programs: "Prevention of HIV infection and HIV transmission from mother to child, diagnosis, HIV treatment, social and psychological support for people living with HIV","Sequential learning of the basics of transplantation". All the lectures taught are equipped with multimedia presentations.

Professor L. Fedoniuk and Associate Professor L.Rybitska give lectures to students of the I course (2012)

The Department has issued three lecture rooms with educational sections "Biological Foundations of Human Life", "Fundamentals of Human Genetics", "Medical Parasitology," which give the ability to engage eight academic groups. Study rooms are equipped with light microscopes, educational tables, models, museum exhibits, wet micropreparations, training sets.

At the disposal of the Department are also two rooms of Educatinal-Biological Museum and also office of the head of the Department, 2 rooms for teachers.

All working curricula and additional methodological support are provided in Ukrainian, English and Russian. Educational materials used by teachers at lectures and workshops are regularly supplemented by recent advances of theoretical medicine that corresponds the requirements of practical medicine. Educational materials are represented in the methodical corner of the Department.

Assistant O.Yarema and Assistant I.Pryvrotska at the methodical corner of the Department (2014)

Every semester teachers of the department are actively involved in the developing of new and improving old manuals and instructions for students and teachers. The systematic updating of the inforation is carried out, which is located on the Web-portal of the University in "Materials for students to prepare for lectures," "Presentations of lectures", "Materials for students to prepare for practical training". The latest information with a large number of pictures, graphs, videos is presented there. The lecturers have designed and created seven virtual training programs. Scenarios of 4 virtual applications are developing. Students have free access to them through the Intranet network round-the-clock.

In the educational process there is widely used the remote test control knowledge system "Moodle", which is effectively used to determine the initial level of knowledge on all the topics of the subject. Tests are constantly being expanded, varied by the schemes, situational tasks, pictures, tables, graphics.

The constructive tasks that are used in the educational process in the Department

Tests are also widely used for practical training while preparing students to pass the semester test exam in the discipline and integrated licensing examination "Step-1. Medicine" and "Step-1. Dentistry".

The work of the Department of Medical Biology is based on learning and mastering of practical skills, which indicates the direction of practically oriented learning process. According to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine standards for higher education the Department created a list of practical skills of students of all specialties which include a line of practical skills (Matrikula). The results of compilation of Matrikula allow to control the final level of the necessary practical skills mastering, and reflect the effectiveness of teaching at the practical lessons.

First-year students are preparing for practical skills

During the 2012-2014 years the Department has introduced the passing of the objective structured practical exam (OSPE) by Ukrainian and foreign first-year students of the Medical Faculty of the specialty "General Medicine", "Medical-preventive work" and by students of the second year of the regulatory period of training, which allowed to control the final level of practical skills mastering necessary for the discipline.

The objective structured practical examination (OSPE) passing by the first-year Ukrainian and foreign students of Medical Faculty (2013)

Each month teachers of the Department of Medical Biology analyze the intermediate student achievements, visiting the lectures and practical classes.

Every week at the Department provides time for working of the missed practical classes and time for consultation, where students can prepare for the practical and final sessions, they can view photos of karyotypes with chromosomal diseases, specimens of pathogens, consult with solving of problems of Genetics.

Consultations for students and testing of their practical skills mastering by solving situational problems in Genetics

During the year the Department regularly updates the spreadsheet fund for Ukrainian and foreign students, developes the workbooks for practical classes for students of all specialties.

The practical class with the students of specialty "Dentistry" held by assistant O. Ruzhytska (2012)

For proper education the Department provides students with the necessary number of monographs, textbooks, and for replenishment of library with modern educational literature, adapted to the educational system, the Department organizes creative teams for their preparation and publication. Teachers of the Medical Biology Department are the authors and co-authors of two books on relevant subjects and over 10 textbooks used in the educational process of Ukraine of the 1-4 accreditation levels.

Textbooks and methodological manuals for students of Medical, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical faculties, the Institute of Nursery and Faculty of foreign students, created by the teachers

The Department of Medical Biology emphasizes on raising of the professional level of teachers. Every 5 years the teachers of the Department improve their skills according to the approved plan. Training of teachers at the Department is conducted by mutual visiting of practical classes and lectures, as well as visits of the lessons on methods of teaching and nanotechnology.

All matters concerning education, teaching, organizational-methodological, scientific, research and educational work among the students are discussed at the meetings of the Department of Medical Biology, which the head of the Department conducts every month.

In the educational process of the Department of Medical Biology there is widely used the Educational-Biological Museum named after I.I.Yaremenko, that is the pride of the research institute of biomedical problems. The Educational Biological museum is the expositional project and educational resource of SHEI "Ternopil State Medical University by I. Horbachevsky of Ministry of Health of Ukraine ", which reflects not only the history of living organisms, but also the history of the museum of natural history, the history of the institution, the history of the university.

Educational-Biological Museum Named after I.I.Yaremenko

The teachers of Medical Biology Department during the recent years have been collaborating with Ternopil regional municipal territorial department of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Professor L.Fedonyuk, assistants I. Pryvrotska, O.Ruzhytska systematically provide training for the students of the first and second years of study of the sections "Biology" and "Medicine", promoting the vocational guidance and training of scientific knowledge of the secondary schools pupils of our town.

Classes with the students of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine