An important role in the educational work of the department belongs to teachers with students aimed at forming their moral qualities, social activism and responsibility for the fate of Ukraine, respect for national wealth, love for native language.

In planning the educational work tutors provide study skills of students curatorial groups to study; attitude to the chosen specialty and future plans; state of discipline and education of students criteria; study the living conditions of students and pay due attention to students-orphans.

The priority in educational work with students teachers of the department of medical biology is the realization of personality oriented approach in the educational process, involving young people in the national and world culture, preservation of moral and physical health of the young generation, education of patriotism, civic personality traits, providing conditions for teachers socialization of students in education are vital competence.

Assistant Tusyk O.T. on tour in the museum together with the students of foreign students faculty (2010)

Particular attention is paid tothe intellectual andspiritual education of students that integrate all aspects of educational work. For students of curatorial groups to the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language held educational talks "Language students face-cultural nation."

Assistant Yarema O.M. conducts conversation with students of the I course of the dental faculty (2015)

The department held a minute political awareness of students. In conducting political awareness with Ukrainian and foreign students discusses the role of students in establishing rule of law, human rights in thesovereign state, and the attitude of the international community to the events in Ukraine.

Students of the first course of the Medical Faculty during the Revolution (December,2014)

With foreign students regularly held talks to discuss traditions of the peoples whose representatives are university students, and students are introduced to the customs of the Ukrainian people.

Tour the Ternopil regional museum. At the exhibition traditional dress from various regions of Ternopil (2008)

Curators with students involved in production meetings for special events, atherings, meetings with alumni, veterans of labor, law enforcement officers, lawyers, famous peopleof our region.

A meeting with the veteran of the department of medical biology

senior lecturer M.J. Yakovenko (2013)

One of the important tasks of department teachers - to educate physically, mentally, socially and spiritually healthy personality. After all, the health of Ukraine's population indicates the existence of a real threat of extinction of the nation. Therefore, the issue of healthy lifestyle, hygiene, fire safety, rules of conduct in public lecturer special attention. It should be emphasized that this aspect of educational work is closely intertwined with the subject of practical training in medical biology.

To the improvement of ecological culture lies in the department of medical biology. Formation of ecological culture in the learning process - is the best way to environmental education. Lecturer with students of curatorial groups held debates on the theme "Ecological Culture - an indicator of the state of civilization" and "Nature - the national wealth." In medical biology department museum named after I.I Yaremenko, decorated section of "Red plants and animals Ternopil" systematically guided tours for students.

Students with curators groups department regularly attend various exhibitions, theatrical performances browsing transmitting organized visits to museums, political prisoners and repressed, local history, art, and visit the museum and mansion Krushelnytska museum-estate Horbachevsky.

Students of medical faculty during a tour in the museum of political prisoners (2010)

Students actively take part in amateur art activities each year showing their creative talent competitions, concerts, various cultural events within the university.

Medical faculty students demonstrate their theatrical skills (2004)

Arabi cdance performed by students from Syria (2005)

Performance offoreign studentsat the festivalof folk dance (2006)

Curators groups and students are actively involved in the action "Light a Candle," which is the Day of Holodomor victims. Traditionally, at 16.00 in the memory of the victims of genocide of the Ukrainian people commemorate a moment of silence and lit candles at the Theater Square.

The participationof students in all-Ukrainian action "Light a Candle" (2013)